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Group Travel

Benefits of Traveling with a Group

There is nothing like the bond you develop through the shared experience of group travel. Visiting new destinations as a group can bring so many benefits, from streamlining the trip-planning process to helping you score more cost-effective accommodations and transportation, to taking advantage of special tour offerings and experiences. When you travel with a large group, you can often qualify for group accommodations and tour pricing that brings you more bang for your buck.


Build Deeper Bonds

Getting out of your comfort zone and visiting a new destination with a group provides the perfect chance to bond more with your fellow travelers. You will learn about cultures, experience new dining opportunities, and see stunning sights together.


Experience Special Activities

Group travel brings more business to cruise lines and tour operators, and as a result, they will often, in turn, provide special events and activities to complement the experience. Think special evening entertainment, cocktail parties, and even custom excursions. You’ll stand out from other travelers when you bring a large group with you.

Have More Fun

Traveling with a group is just more fun. Period. When you are visiting an exciting destination with your friends and family, each day is like a party. You will enjoy more laughs, more smiles, and more amazing interactions when you have familiar faces along for the ride.


If you have a group of friends, family members, or colleagues ready to set off on a life-changing trip, let’s chat today and set the process in motion.


How Does Group Travel Work?

Booking your group travel experience isn’t too different from our typical trip-planning process. In both cases, we strive to deliver getaways that fulfill your preferences and embody the type of experience you have in mind.

  1. Group travel planning starts with an initial consultation with the designated Group Leader. On this first phone call, the Group Leader and I will discuss the reason for travel, whether it’s to celebrate with your sorority sisters, enjoy a destination family reunion, or travel to a new place with your church group. The Group Leader will let me know which types of destinations and experiences match up best with the group members, as well as the preferred budget.

  2. I will conduct the in-depth research required and reach out to my travel suppliers and vendors to come up with high-quality travel plans and destination ideas that correlate with your group’s interests.

  3. I will provide the Group Leader with a price quote and the requested information gathered in step 2.

  4. Next, we will discuss the logistics and set up a Group Contract.

  5. The Group Leader will communicate the travel details to the other members of the group.  A password-protected trip portal will be set up on the website for the group.  Here everyone can make payments and view updates.

  6. Before your departure, we will set up a Pre-Trip call, where we will review and finalize itineraries and discuss any other questions you may have.

  7. You and your group will take off on your thrilling travel adventure. I will be available to assist throughout your trip.

  8. Once you have returned, I will set up a follow-up call to review your travel experience and start thinking about your next group trip.

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Perks of Working with Paradise Haven

Planning a group trip can seem overwhelming, but when you partner with Paradise Haven Travels, the process is straightforward and simple. We have the experience and industry insight to help us find the best packages and experiences available, and we won’t settle until your group travel plans are exactly the way you envision them.


  • We supply each group with its own specific landing page on our website, where travelers can find pertinent travel information and payment options

  • We compile the travel documents for all group members as needed

  • We work with the Group Leader to take care of the trip-planning process in a streamlined, hassle-free manner

  • We handle all accommodations bookings and find the best value for your group

  • We customize each group travel experience on a case-by-case basis. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter travel plans here!

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of adding travel insurance to

your vacation package, click the button below to download the guide!

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