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Golf Travel

 See the world while elevating your golf game 

Whether you are looking to explore the far reaches of the world, or stay a little closer to home, golf can be an easy way to elevate your vacation. Start with a dream destination. Weave in unforgettable cultural experiences such as a safari in South Africa, or wine tasting in a centuries-old vineyard in Italy. Finally, add a few of the best golf courses across the globe and you’ve got one unforgettable trip. There are plenty of ways to experience golf travel and here are just a few.

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Luxury Golf Cruises


Perfect for travelers who want to see as many destinations as possible. Luxury cruise lines offer specialty tours that bring passengers through an area like the Mediterranean or Great Britain. These cruises can last from a few days to a couple of weeks. They incorporate excursions through the destination that give passengers the chance to experience the culture of the place, while also bringing them to exclusive golf destinations (i.e. private clubs). Most importantly, they offer 24-hour access to golf pros for one-on-one sessions to work on whatever you want to improve.

Golf Land Tours


There are some countries that are known for their golf courses. This can be the perfect jumping-off point to explore destinations like Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia. Use the time between courses to explore the small towns and famous locations throughout the country. Imagine spending a week driving through the mountains of New Zealand or traveling the Highlands of Scotland. These trips are the perfect blend of golf, sightseeing, and freedom. They are ideal for the kind of traveler who likes flexibility and adventure.


Golfing Retreats


Retreats tend to mean staying in one destination, but that can be part of the fun. Rather than seeing five locations in five days, travelers get to immerse themselves in the area. Retreats also offer an unmatched level of luxury. Spend mornings on the green and afternoons in the spa or lounging poolside to loosen tense muscles. These retreats can also feature day-long guided excursions that focus on your other interests like hiking, fishing, shopping, and wine tasting.

Three Bucket list Golf Experiences from Around the World


You’ve spent years perfecting your downswing. Your chip shot is a thing of beauty. You may never play like Tiger Woods, but you can certainly vacation like him. Blend golf with some of the most amazing, bucket-list destinations to create a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Unlock our guide to the most exciting luxury golf experiences from across the globe and subscribe for more travel insights by entering your email address below.


Perks of Working with Paradise Haven

Planning a golf trip can seem overwhelming, especially if you plan to venture overseas. When you partner with Paradise Haven Travels, the process is straightforward and simple. We have the experience and industry connections to tailor the perfect package for you. We will design your golf vacation paradise!

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