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Meet Nicole

My name is Nicole, travel advisor and founder of Paradise Haven Travels.  As a lifelong traveler, I realize the importance of taking in the sights and sounds of destinations from across the globe. I am passionate about providing authentic experiences for my clients that give them a piece of paradise every time they travel. More than anything, I hope to show my clients that traveling is a great way to add more happiness to their lives.


Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of traveling to and living in many places across the United States and Europe. In my teenage years, being a part of a military family, I had the opportunity to live in Germany, where I was exposed to a new culture, a new language, and lots of new faces. Those early travel experiences have always remained etched in my memory and continue to inspire my love of travel today.


Equal to my love for experiencing new destinations is my passion for meeting new people and gaining new perspectives from them. I truly believe that traveling is one of the best ways to open your mind and learn something new. As a professional travel agent with the industry-standard certifications, I have the knowledge, expertise, and industry connections to bring you the customized trip that will design your vacation into a personal paradise.

Paradise Haven Travels was established in 2014, and what began as a part-time endeavor has now blossomed into my full-time vocation. While I handle the travel-planning aspects of my clients, I am fortunate to have my husband and co-founder and owner, Gary, bringing in the business by heading up our marketing division. Together, we have worked strategically to forge reliable partnerships with travel suppliers and vendors in the travel industry.  These partnerships provide us with the ability to design the most fulfilling itineraries for our clients, whatever their travel style might be. 


Ask any of our previous clients, and they will tell you that I place a high priority on making a personal connection with my clients.  This gives me the ability to build an itinerary that will be optimal for you. My involvement goes beyond it being just a business transaction – I want to bring you a genuine travel experience that you will never forget.  I enjoy being involved in each step of the process to ensure that the trip-planning experience for you is as seamless as possible.  I am accessible and available during the planning process, during your travels and upon your return for followup.  

Paradise Haven Travels 

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Meet Gary

Meet Lana Cordner

Admin Assistant

Hello, my name is Lana. Admin Assistant/Travel Advisor at Paradise Haven Travels. Travel is something I grew up doing. As a child every year my mom would make sure my siblings and I traveled to someplace new, whether it was Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Cacaos Islands, Canada or Mexico. My mother wanted us to see the world and learn new things and meet new people. Now I make travel a priority in my own family.  Allow us to make your travel dreams a paradise experience for your family.

Meet Ashley Copeland

Your Family Travel Expert

As a travel advisor with Paradise Haven Travels for the last two years, Ashley’s had the pleasure of making family travel dreams come true. With the agency being her family’s business and having traveled a great deal with her parents and brothers since she was young, Ashley has formed a love for bringing families together to see the world.


Through personal travels and several years of experience in hospitality, she has gained a thorough understanding of the logistics, insight, and research that goes into building out a perfect vacation for you and your family. This knowledge and experience—paired with her industry connections and certifications with Disney, Karisma Resorts, and Beaches Resorts—has rounded out Ashley’s expertise and enabled her to plan family vacations that clients will cherish forever!

She prides herself on being extremely detail-oriented and hands-on so you can trust she is handling your trip with care. She also believes communication is key, which is why she dedicates plenty of time discussing your ideas and making recommendations for you. Plus, she makes herself accessible throughout the entire planning process so that you can keep in touch each step of the way.


When Ashley’s not busy planning fantastic family vacations, she likes to lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle. She enjoys exercising, reading, and learning about other cultures. And of course, she loves traveling! She’s visited several destinations, with her favorite being the Dominican Republic and Aruba because of the tropical beauty and generous hospitality. Ashley cherishes all the memories she’s made traveling with her family and hopes she can help you create lasting memories with your family too!


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