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Travel Advisors Are Professionals

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Throughout my life, I've had the privilege of traveling to and living in many places across the United States and internationally. Exposure to a new destination, a new culture, and new people has shaped who I am as a person and how I view life. These early travel experiences have always remained etched in my memory and continue to inspire my love of travel today and pushed me to choose a career in the travel industry.

When I think about hiring someone to provide a service for me, various questions come to my mind like: “Are they qualified? What type of training or education do they have to assist me in this area efficiently?” For example, I will not hire a financial advisor that only highlights their experiences with their personal finances. I want to hire someone who has an educational background concerning finance on top of real-life experiences to make me feel comfortable placing something so important in their hands.

As a travel advisor, I wouldn’t ask you to work with me to advise you on one of the most precious experiences in your life just because I love to travel. Once I knew that I wanted to design authentic, immersive, and meaningful vacation experiences for people as a career, I aligned myself with some of the top-of-the-line training, certifications, and national organizations, which allowed me to work with the best of the best in the travel industry. I have an expansive network of professionals that I grow with through continuing education, and I am at the forefront of the travel industry to provide you with experiences that you cannot receive from an online search engine.

You may ask yourself, why should I work with Nicole? Travel is my passion, and I love to assist families and friends take extraordinary vacations that leave a lasting memory and bring them closer together, all while indulging in travel experiences beyond their wildest dreams. I tap into my extensive organizational and research skills honed by my previous 20+ year career as a legal secretary to meticulously plan a customized and seamless vacation that will make you feel like you are in your very own paradise.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway, celebrate a significant milestone with family, or travel with friends, allow me to plan your next experience. I can promise you that you will return with memories that you will cherish forever.

1. They get a thrill designing your itinerary.

Travel advisors chose this path as a career because they genuinely have a passion for travel and helping others.

2. They're not as expensive as you think.

Travel agents are just as comparable to online booking engines since they have special agreements and discounts with airlines, hotels, and suppliers.

3. Trust in their expertise.

Listen to the ones that have made travel their lifestyle. Chances are they know where you want to go and how to have the best experience there.

4. Your ultimate advocate.

They are your international cheerleader for a superb getaway by using their resources to grab possible perks.

5. They have incredible networking.

Since they work in the travel industry, they have several specialized contacts. Take advantage of who you know your agent can count on!

6. Enjoy personalized service.

Depending on your interests, your agent can tailor your vacation to it. Art, cuisine, nature, sports - you name it.

7. Save a great deal of time.

Don't waste your sunny Saturday researching the best way to get from Paris to Barcelona. Let the travel pro do the work.

8. Relax with peace of mind.

When you book your entire vacation with a travel agent, you can trust them to make sure your vacation is seamless, tailored, and cared for.

I look forward to learning about your travel dreams and making them come true- Perfectly Planned in Your Paradise!

~ Nicole

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